Selected Professional Experience:


2017 - 2018

Casting Director on ANGELS OF REVENGE, feature film.
Produced by Göta Film.
Directed by Åsa Kalmér

Cast for the Musical "Mamma Mia The Party", actors for the part of the male lead.
Director Roine Söderlund,
Executive Producer Björn Ulvaeus

Cast "2060"
Black Comedy with Marie Göranzon as the lead. Director Henrik Hellström. Produced by Storyfire. A Moving Sweden project by the Swedish Film Institute.


Cast for "Wyrdoes" and Ginny Holder as "Lady Macbeth". Produced by Silk Screen Pictures, short film for Film London& British Council, Shakespeare's Sister programme for SHAKESPEARE ON SCREEN. Patron Kenneth Branagh.


Cast "Jacked" , with actors Thomas Turgoose ("This is England"), Charley Palmer Rothwell ("Legend"), Tim Chipping ("The Fall of the Krays"), Patsy Palmer ("Eastenders") and Nikki Pocklington for voice.
Directed by René Pannevis and produced by Jennifer Eriksson.
Was shown at the London Film Festival in October 2015.
Won Best Short Film at The British Independent Film Awards in December 2016.

Cast for "Love in a Time of Death", directed by Ash Ghadiali, with actors Polly Maberly ("Pride and Prejudice"), Johan Hallström ("Wallander"), Damian Samuels ("Sherlock"). Financed by Film London.

Cast for "Hjärnfonden", commercial, directed by Mattias Johansson, Diktator.

Cast for "Lotto", 3 commercials, directed by Mats Lindberg, TRAKTOR

Cast promotional video, confidential until aired later in 2015, directed by Brett de Vos, Miketeevee, Holland


Cast for SHOTS, "Faces behind the idea", September issue 151 by MOTHER agency in London

Casting for SAS commercial "We are travelers", director Andreas Nilsson, produced by Bacon STH

"Dilip's Castle", short, cast in London, director Manos Ioannou,
producers Jennifer Eriksson and Andrea Toca for London Film School &
Royal Holloway University in collaboration.

Casting, Commercial for Malacco, Director Mats Lindberg at TRAKTOR.


Casting in order to secure financing for co-productions

Casting, Commercial for Vodafone, Director Christian Aeby for
Radicalmedia, Germany

Casting, commercial for Swisscom, Director Christian Aeby for Stories,


Cast commercials for HSBC, General Electric, Husqvarna, Filmnet, Svenska Spel.

2009 - 2011

Casting & Production Management
"Battlefield 3", Computergame EA/Digital Illusions. Director Tom Keegan
Cast in London

Swedish lead actress for "Fritt Vilt 3", Feature Film. Fantefilm, Norway. Director Mikkel Sandemose.

"Upperdog", Feature Film, Director Sara Johnsen, Friland A/S, Norway.
Cast in London and Stockholm.

"Mirror's Edge", Computergame EA/Digital Illusions. Cast American Actors in London

Commercial for Volvo, Director Fredrik Bond, Sonny London, England.

"Battlefield: Bad Company" produced by EA/Digital Illusions, cast American actors in London for computergame to be released in March 2008, directed by Tobias Falk.

Commercials for Volvo, Director Robert Logevall, Anonymous Content, USA
"Bror och Syster", TV-series, SVT (Swedish Public Service Television), Director Susanna Edwards

"Snowland", feature Film, Geissendörfer Film, Germany.
"Winterkiss", Feature Film, Friland, Norway.
Various commercials for Germany: Mercedes (cast in Buenos Aires,Argentina), AOL, Chio Chips.
In Sweden for: AMF, ICA.
For Spies in Denmark and for Bank Coop and Mc Donalds in Switzerland

Continuity drawing for special effects
"Manderlay", Feature Film, Lars von Trier, Zentropa

Commercial for Smirnoff Vodka, director Rocky Morton, MJZ, Los Angeles, USA

Cast for reality-show "Around the world in 80 dates", NBC, Los Angeles, USA

Commercials mainly in England
Lucozade, Heinz, TA, Utterly Butterly

"While I can Dream", short, Director Jonathan Fox Bassett, honorary mention at London Soho Shorts
Los Angeles Short Film Festival and Gent Film Festival

Production Manager, Interviewer "Light keeps me company", documentary about the Swedish cinematographer
Sven Nykvist. Cast in Los Angeles, New York and London, and interviewed Sven's old collegues such as Woody Allen, Gena Rowlands, Lord Richard Attenborough etc, see
Moved Hansen Casting Bureau to London, England
Guestlecture on the continuity course at Capilano College,Vancouver, Canada
Continuity on various short-films with crews from "The X-Files" and "The Adams Family", Vancouver, Canada

Opened Castingbyrån and cast mainly commercials and TV productions until I moved to London 1999

Cast as a freelancer

Education History:
Agency Producing, RMI-Berghs, Stockholm, Sweden

Feature Film Continuity Course, Sveriges Television (Public Service TV), Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholms Filmskola (Stockholm Filmschool), Stockholm, Sweden
Writing, directing, editing

Cinema Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden